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Substance Abuse Educator with over twenty five years' experience helping families develop strong relationships to help children grow into strong adults.


Kate McCauley, MEd, LCSW has worked with parents and students for the last twenty-five + years to help develop strong, healthy family relationships. She is an award winning teacher and speaker. Over the years Kate has worked as a college professor, schoolteacher, youth minister, therapist, and substance abuse educator. Kate works closely with tweens, preteens, teenagers and young adults giving her first hand experience with youth development and what kids need from adults during these critical years. In small groups and classrooms Kate is the fly on the wall who hears what teens are thinking about the adults in their world and what they wish for from adults.

While researching her thesis comparing under-aged drinking here and abroad, Kate found that there is no advantage to the "European Model" of introducing children and teens to alcohol, and in fact, there may be additional risk. As a result, Kate developed a strong interest in dispelling many of the commonly accepted myths about teens’ risky behavior. Kate is a practicing therapist and teaches Psychology at Marymount University. She lives with her husband and two children (Middle and High Schoolers) in Arlington, VA.

Key Concepts (founded by Kate McCauley) provides alcohol and drug prevention and education programs to schools and community organizations. Key Concepts programs provides a safe environment where students speak openly about their experiences and explore ways to problem-solve the challenges they face when making decisions about potentially risky behaviors.


Key Concepts
Building Healthy Communities for Teens
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